Volunteer & Off-Site Events Coordinator

Reference: JOB1146
Employer: Beaver County Humane Society

Reports to: Executive Director

Essential Duties and Primary Job Purpose

The Volunteer and Off-Site Events Coordinator is responsible for organizing and executing off-site events to find good homes for dogs, cats and other animals, while creating a positive experience for prospective adopters and actively promoting the BCHS in the community through outreach events.. Additionally, the Coordinator is responsible for the recruitment, training, and supervision of volunteers to assist BCHS in the efficient running of the facility. The Coordinator maintains volunteer records and coordinates volunteer schedules for in shelter activities and outside events, prepares department reports and acts as a liaison with the community to attract volunteers. Directly supervises volunteers and/or staff who serve as off-site animal transporter(s), and work closely with the shelter supervisor, medical coordinator, front desk staff and adoption counselors regarding off-site adoptions.

This work is subject to mainly office assignment with some irregular hours and irregular schedules, including completion of work assignments on evenings, weekends or holidays as needed. Exposure to adverse weather conditions may occur for some outdoor events. Applicants must be physically fit as it requires periodically handling/moving of objects for events.

Recruitment and processing:

  • Recruit volunteers through various channels including, but not limited to media sources, volunteer organizations, on-site and off-site events, and public speaking engagements.
  • Process and review volunteer applications.
  • Schedule and conduct volunteer training at least twice a month or as otherwise needed (including general orientation, dog/cat orientation) and volunteer information sessions as needed.
  • Maintain communications with volunteers so they are aware of upcoming volunteer opportunities for internal and external activities and events.
  • Develop a volunteer reward program for both time and service; oversee an annual volunteer recognition event and identify other opportunities in the community for volunteers to be recognized for their service.
  • Supervise and schedule volunteers matching appropriate individuals with jobs in order to fulfill the needs of BCHS.
  • Assist in resolving disputes between volunteers and BCHS staff and terminating volunteers not fulfilling their requested duties and/or not following BCHS protocol.
  • Maintain appropriate communication with BCHS staff to facilitate cooperation and coordination on all activities and events.


  • Ensure that protocols are developed and implemented by staff and volunteers while involved with animals at off-site location(s).
  • Develop and work with a group of volunteers interested in learning or helping with off-site animal deliveries/care and/or fostering animals in their homes. 
  • Establish training opportunities for interested staff/volunteers to carry out off-site transports and adoptions.


  • Organize all off-site adoption events for shelter animals, including finding new locations and documenting the success of the program.
  • Work at off-site adoption locations, as needed, and recruit and coordinate volunteers to assist.
  • Facilitate adoptions in accordance with BCHS policies.

Evaluate, Process and Transfer Animals

  • Work closely with the shelter supervisor and medical coordinator regarding the evaluation of animals for off-site adoptions.
  • Anticipate the needs, while working closely with the shelter supervisor and medical coordinator, of animals available for off-site adoptions.
  • Anticipate and become pro-active in regard to off-site animals.
  • Work closely with medical staff to ensure that animals are altered for off-site venues in a timely fashion.
  • Work closely with the shelter supervisor to proactively communicate the needs of off-site venues.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

  • Initiate a “Satisfaction Guaranteed” approach to adoptions by providing support to our offsite venues.
  • Actively promoting BCHS to the public, encouraging people to sign up for the mailing list and get involved in volunteering, seeking donations and otherwise promoting the BCHS in the community.
  • Follow up with store managers on a bi-monthly basis to ensure that the most positive relationship exists between Beaver County Humane Society and the off-site location(s).
  • Be available for store managers during our normal business hours in case of emergency.

Customer Relations

  • Treat people (staff, volunteers, and the public) with respect and courtesy, foster a spirit of teamwork, and perform duties in a manner that assists the BCHS in the achievement of its goals and encourages community support of its work.
  • Build effective relationships through positive interaction and communication with the community, volunteers and staff.
  • Ensure that quality care is provided to clients, staff and volunteers.  Consult with clients as needed.


  • Fulfill the role of the off-site animal transporter as needed.
  • Assist with the cleaning of the van(s), animal cages, areas and equipment daily, including spot cleaning.
  • Transport animals, cages and other equipment to and from offsite events, as needed.
  • Other duties as assigned or as required meeting the on-going needs of the organization.

Specific Job Skills:

  • Strong interpersonal skills. The ideal person for this job would be personable, outgoing, patient, professional, and able to get along well with a variety of people.
  • Prior customer service experience a plus as work requires interacting with the public and positive customer service skills.
  • Excellent oral communications skills.
  • Affection for animals, concern for their welfare, and a willingness to work hands on with animals.
  • Energetic, with the ability and initiative to work independently. Working with minimal supervision and direction.
  • Maturity, good judgment and a professional personal appearance.
  • Ability to read, write and understand English.
  • Flexibility, ability to manage multiple tasks.
  • The ability to remain pleasant and calm even in stressful situations.
  • The ability to ask appropriate questions to gather information along with the ability to feel and show empathy for others.
  • The ability to turn people down, firmly when necessary, without becoming aggressive or unpleasant.
  • The ability to learn about and understanding each animal as an individual with his or her own personality, bad habits, past experiences, etc.
  • Familiarity with animals, knowledge of animal behavior or experience volunteering or working with a rescue group, humane society, foster care involvement or other animal welfare agency are a plus.
  • Comfort and ability to work with animals of unknown disposition and those who may exhibit medical and other problems, as well as aggressive tendencies.
  • A valid Pennsylvania Driver’s License along with the comfort and ability to drive large adoption vehicle to various off-site locations.

Physical Requirements:

  • Physical ability to walk and/or stand on your feet throughout a normal workday required.
  • Physical ability to engage in repetitive motions of legs, arms, and hands, to hear, to see, to move animals and goods.
  • Allergic conditions, which would be aggravated when handling or working with animals, may be a disqualification.
  • Work involves kneeling, crawling, bending, walking, carrying objects and/or lifting animals that weigh up to 50 lbs., as well as holding or restraining a variety of animals of all shapes and sizes.
  • Work also involves using prescribed cleaning agents for extensive scrubbing of cages, surrounding areas and animal supplies.
  • Work setting can be noisy.
  • Volunteer activities and/or adoption events happen on weekends and evenings, so applicant must have the ability to maintain a flexible schedule and be available to work weeknights, weekends and holidays.


Educational Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree and minimum three-years supervisory and/or program development experience.


This is a FT exempt position with health, dental, vision, vacation provided after completion of a 90 day probationary period.


Send cover letter and resume to DBucek@beavercountyhumanesociety.org or mail to:


Beaver County Humane Society

3394 Brodhead Road

Center Township PA  15001





posted February 5, 2019