Reimagining Change...THRILLing!

Thursday, October 13, 2016 - 11:30am - 1:30pm

We need to rethink the way nonprofits — and particularly those within the social enterprise space — work in a modern society. This re-evaluation runs across of spectrum of organizational components, from fundraising, to strategic planning, to program design, and more.

The short of way of saying this is "start acting more like a business." But that's not the issue in its entirety. We're also forced to contend with culture change, leadership dynamics, and myriad organizational mechanics that will need to evolve in order to achieve positive change.

If this isn't challenging enough, we're also forced to address the underlying questions of these issues — such as "who exactly are we?" and "who do we serve?," and perhaps most importantly, "is this the right approach for the future?" Moreover, as a community, we often use terms like "sustainability" and "growth-focused partnerships," but do we really know what they mean?

Join me for an examination of not only what it means to reimagine change within an organization so that it matches the demands of the 21st century, but actually how to make it happen.


About the Presenter

Dan Law--Executive Producer, Thrival Innovation + Music Festival

Dan currently serves as the Executive Producer of the Thrival Innovation + Music Festival, an annual Pittsburgh-based event featuring multiple days of interactive, innovation-focused programming capped by a two-day outdoor live music experience. He oversees all production, operations, strategy, planning, and fundraising for the festival.

With a decade of experience in a variety of industries, he began his career holding jobs in the used car business, restaurants, and health & wellness retail.

In 2011, Dan joined the Heinz Endowments as a graduate fellow, and later worked for current Pittsburgh City Councilman, Corey O'Conner. He then served as the Public Policy Program Officer at the World Affairs Council of Pittsburgh from 2012-14, working in close collaboration with top-level U.S. government officials, ambassadors, think tank leaders, foreign ministries, journalists, and business executives.

Dan began his tenure at Thrill Mill, Inc. in 2014, and has since led or managed multi-million dollar funding and sponsorship campaigns, strategic planning and design, and the scale and development of the Thrival Innovation + Music Festival.

Since 2013, he has been a part of the World Economic Forum network of Global Shapers, serving as Pittsburgh's curator from 2014-15 and leading Pittsburgh's participation in the first ever "Shaping Davos" initiative in January 2015.

Dan is a proud Washington & Jefferson College (B.A.) and University of Pittsburgh (MPIA) alum. He resides in the Stanton Heights neighborhood of Pittsburgh with his wife, Lauren, and their dog, Woodrow.


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