March 2012 Chapter Meeting

Thursday, March 15, 2012 - 11:30am - 1:30pm
Event Location: 
The Rivers Club - Downtown Pittsburgh

Luncheon Program:  Achieving Results Year after Year:  The 4 Disciplines of Execution 


Harvey Young |Senior Consultant        

Every leader in every business is responsible for achieving results.  Whether those results   are increased fund raising or program implementation or service delivery.  But, when we think about it there is a challenge to getting consistent and sustainable results year after year.  Contrary to popular belief it is not that the leaders are not smart enough or that they don't work hard enough.  Rather, the challenge is that they are busy. Typically leaders are busy doing all the things they need to do to keep the organization running day-to-day.  These things are Urgent.  While the goals of the organization such as increasing fund raising are Important.  When Urgent things are engaged in a struggle with Important things the Urgent things win every time.  Leaders all too often find themselves battling the urgent and praying they reach their important goals.  The team is typically just playing not to lose.  Just trying harder will not get it done.  FranklinCovey has studied the challenge of consistent execution and we have cracked the code.  The problem is that there is good news and bad news.  The good news is that there are rules to executing in the face of what we call the Whirlwind.  The bad news is that there are rules.  We call these rules Disciplines and there are four of them to be exact.  I will introduce the audience to these rules that will enable them to execute their most important goals in the face of a 100 mph whirlwind.  In the words of the great business philosopher Jim Rohn - We all must suffer one of two pains.  Either the pain of discipline or the pain or regret.


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