Job Posting Instructions

Listing Service

Beginning in June 2021, the Association of Fundraising Professional Western PA Chapter (AFPWPA) requires that all new job postings to be aligned with AFP Global requirements by having each job posting include a salary range. As stated on the AFP Global website in more detail here - three main reasons are given for this new requirement. In summary:

1. Requiring salary ranges promotes equity in the fundraising profession.

2. Research shows that job postings with salary ranges get 30% more attention. It sets expectations from the get-go of the hiring process and eliminates wasted time by both the hiring organization and job seekers.

3. As transparency is threaded throughout our organization’s relationship with our donors, so should it be incorporate in the exchange of information in the hiring process beginning with the job posting.

As part of our membership services, current AFPWPA members pay $50 for each job posting and free for internship positions. Nonmembers pay $75 for both types of postings. Please send the job description (in WORD or PDF) to You will receive an invoice to pay for the listing. The invoice must be paid within 5 days or your listing will not be posted. Job postings remain on our AFPWPA website for a 5-week period. Job postings are also listed in our two-monthly e-newsletters, one to members and the other sent to both members and nonmembers.

If you wish to renew the job posting beyond the 5-week period, please contact MC Houser, our Chapter Administrator,